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Superchem Nutri Formulations Superchem Nutri Formulations
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Superchem Nutri Formulations
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High Fiber Formulations

Relationship between a lack of Dietary fiber intake and diseases is well known.Dietray fiber is recognized as an essential nutrient.

Today's lifestyles have caused drastic changes to eating habits. For instance, fibre consumption has dropped significantly to about 5 gm-10gm /day as against a recommended daily intake of 30 gm/day.

The importance of dietary fiber to health is widely recognized, as is the need to increase our daily consumption. Eating more cereals, fruits and vegetables is one recommended way; another is to take fibre supplement of international quality with prebiotic effect.

We offer specialty High Fiber Formulation (80% Fiber Minimum) which is a unique blend of Natural soluble fibers. This Formulation offers Prebiotic effect & without any taste, color or gelling etc.This formulation is a convenient way to get the fiber needed to support normal gastrointestinal health and regularity

Our High Fiber Supplement is super Prebiotic and is highly recommended for:
» Digestive Tract
» Diabetes
» Overweight
» Blood Pressure & Heart etc